Tuesday, January 18


This is a test of the Emergency Intense Debate commenting widget and CommentLuv plugin. This is not a really real post. In the event of a really real post the title would not be capitalized and there would be labels and I would not be so obviously frivolous (probably - don't hold me to that).

Seriously, I was just fed up with the boring, no bells, Blogger comment system and jealous of all my Wordpress friends with their fancy shit. So I checked out CommentLuv first and, from there (because they don't do a plug-in or widget for Blogger), hopped over to Intense Debate to install their comment widget so that I could then enable the CommentLuv option for the widget.

I am enabling this for new comments only, so all of your wonderful, pithy, erudite, and heart-warming comments to earlier posts will still be available in the archives. That is at least as much for me as for anyone else. But the new posts (like this one) should have cool new kaka where the old comments form used to be, with neat new bells like direct reply and the CommentLuv option showing a more embellished link to your last blog post if you want to include it.

If I did it right, I will feel aw gwowed up-ed. If it doesn't, then I will delete this post and disavow all knowledge of it.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to comment with something whimsical about butterflies or mushrooms or wearing underwear normally reserved for the opposite gender. Subsequent commenters may, if they choose, make their own comments or test the direct reply functions. This post will be seen only by those who have subscribed in some way, as posting it to Twitter and Facebook would just make me feel dumb.

For inflicting my test upon you, dear faithful readers, I offer apologies and, because we're being all whimsical, a gift. A mystery gift (that may or may not be a copy of the novelty book I self-published thirteen years ago about the rules of the game of Punch-Buggy), which I will mail to you by old-fashioned means.

To enter:
  • Just test the comments features by commenting or responding;
  • Remember - butterflies, fungi, or underwear - no exceptions;
  • Extra points for all three (it will make no difference to the contest, but will engender my esteem). 
  • Not kidding, I really did self-publish said novelty book. 
  • You can joke about that in the comments-this is the only exception to the 'no exceptions' rule.  
The winner, to be chosen at random some time towards the end of the week, will be notified here (so check back on Sunday or something) and will have to provide a mailing address. It's okay, the doctor says I'm safe now.