Thursday, January 20

poetry #3 - portable wealth

(Because I mentioned it Monday)

portable wealth

pain, now
tends to make me smile 
more than not
i wear my scars with pride
i paid for them 
(as i love them)

each puckered pearl,
a lesson i am learning well
they are jewels of time
coarse reminders too often wished
(but better polished)
they shape us
like it or no
crystals taking on earthly hues
water stains angry on heavy paper 
covered with mad ramblings

and if they leak out
from time to time
rest and sparkle on a cheek
drip from a chin 
if there is an occasional blush
(a learned behavior, expected)
over simple things
(a thought, tree, injustice)
there is no shame, no regret

these are my riches 
carved into skin and heart
(bone and blood)
my portable wealth

copyright michael david lockhart 1997