Sunday, January 23

an award by any other name…

Fair to say, thinking out loud has never been recognized for any awards. I get a quirky, giddy feeling every time I receive notification that someone has left a comment, and my stats are very humble, so the concept of an award is a bit confounding. S’okay, I’m good with staying humble.

This is not really an award, per se, unless you count chain mail awards, but it’s peer recognition from a guy, T Lance B (I know… very hip hop), who I know from twitter. He writes the great My Blog Can Beat up Your Blog and has one of the best attitudes about family, marriage and fatherhood that I’ve seen in the blogosphere.

Anyway, he sent me this:

and while stylish is not something I’ve aspired to since the life inversion, from him I’ll take it as a compliment.

As with all chain mail, even chain blog mail, this one has rules.

1. Thank and link back to the blogger who gave you the award (check)
2. Share 5 things about yourself (Lance, you bastard… see below)
3. Award 5 recently discovered great bloggers (I actually really like this part)
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award 

To these I would add a fifth:

5. There are no rules. Do as you feel moved to.

On that note, we’ll scrap the five things about me. If you’ve been reading, you’ll have noticed that I don’t hold much back anyway if it’s in service to making a point or trying to be naked in some appropriate way. I’ll throw out one disclosure bone though just to lay the foundation for accountability, and toss in another that I feel comfortable sharing.

     A. I’ve smoked since I was thirteen. Not proud of it. Give me a month or so and I hope to have news on that front.
     ii. In the Pepsi Challenge, I prefer water.

For my five pay-it-forward prize recipients, I choose the following, probably in no particular order, with blog and Twitter linkage:
-          Judy Clement Wall writes the amazing Zebra Sounds blog. Her 2011 blog inspiration is called The Love Project. She is wonderfully obsessed with it. She's also a writer putting the finishing touches on her first lit fiction manuscript. We may have a bloggy crush on each other.
-          Paul Joseph discusses education, bullying, writing, and other worthwhile subjects at - wait for it - Paul Joseph Writes. He's working on his first YA manuscript, is passionate about all of the above subjects, and has an instinct for community and empathy that I find admirable.
-          Melissa Wolfe wrote and writes the amazing Finding Melissa blog, but has recently started a new one, No Such Thing As Never, part of an ongoing evolution that is absolutely worthy of notice, and worthwhile following. She's a fabulous writer and scribes with a passion and honesty that is inspiring and heartbreaking.
-          Annie Q Syed posts at - wait for it - Annie Q Syed. She is a literary writer with the heart of a poet. Her words are lyrical, inquisitive, and often ethereal. Often,her Still Sunday posts are like walking through a magic garden.
-          Michele Hush is the most recent discovery on my list. She writes the Divinipotent Daily blog (such a cool word)  with an astute mind and a massive heart on whatever moves her, from current events to poetry and everything in between.

I found it hard choosing. I adore a lot of blogs. For one reason or another, these ones stood out this week. 

Now I have a mass tweet to send...