Wednesday, July 25

the newsroom

I’m infatuated with a TV show. It’s been a while. I mean, of course I watched Game of Thrones. What self-respecting fantasy writer (or aspiring fantasy writer) hasn’t? And it’s great entertainment, don’t get me wrong, but there’s no infatuation. I just like it, a lot. But this new show – it’s infatuation, moving towards love.

I doubt very much that you’ll be surprised when I tell you that the show is Aaron Sorkin’s  The Newsroom. I didn’t watch much of The West Wing – no cable at the time and the Internet was not yet all over streaming things like that – but the couple episodes I saw were enjoyable. From a distance though, it seemed like a bit of a fairytale: centrist, pragmatically progressive president making the decisions we wish the American president had been making, and showing the heart we wish he’d been showing, during the height of the Dubya debacle. In the absence of regular exposure to the show, I just never developed an attachment. I never had a chance to properly suspend disbelief.

Friday, July 20

right now

Disclaimer: You don't need to read this. This post is about staying honest to me and about being true to  my writing ethic. As such, it's not necessarily for public consumption. If you choose to proceed, I'll explain why I'm posting it at all a little farther down.

I was going to post today about The Newsroom, a review of sorts. And then Colorado happened. The media is still trying to get the facts together and not trip over itself too much trying to scoop the competition, so mostly we just have some numbers and some sensationalism, and the truth is a ways away just yet. There's a lot of speculation and supposition. A motive is profoundly absent.