Tuesday, November 8

zen and the art of intentional procrastination

* Updated at the bottom

It takes a lot of effort to prioritize. There’s the judging, and the weighing, and the balancing and contrasting. One must take into consideration scenarios both probable and im-, measure the potential consequences of each choice carefully, count the cost of each path not chosen, consider the ramifications.

It’s an awful lot of work.

There are people that have it all planned out. I know and adore several. Heck, I used to be one, albeit a reluctant and relatively inept one. There are lists and schedules, sacrifices and triumphs. I suppose that it might be worth the effort and inconvenience. Those people do get a lot of shit done.

Me? Not so much. I tend to leave large gaps in my schedule, massive holes that serendipity sometimes slips into. Not always, but sometimes. Enough time to stop at the side of the road in the dark on a starry night just ‘cause. Enough time to take an unscheduled break to chat with an interesting person. Enough time to enjoy a few extra minutes looking for a good find on the sale table at the book store. Enough time to stop and celebrate with friends when they find out they’re pregnant (yay to my roommates). Enough time to realize that I have my heart closed, and to open it instead, and maybe fall in love.

So anyway, I’m thinking that my system of not planning (as much as possible) should have a name, something to help with legitimacy. Or illegitimacy; I’d be happy with illegitimacy.

This is it: Transcendental hesitation. That’s the name. It’ll be a Zen thing, incorporating crossed legs and patience; conjoining waiting for the universe to catch up with me, or vice verso, and with the benefit of not having to do anything… right way. We’ll chant “sooooooon” instead of “om”.

It works, this “take it easy, but take it” mentality; I was gonna post this yesterday but something better came up. And I don’t feel bad about it at all.

p.s. This song by Bon Iver caught my attention today. My thanks to Nico Boesten for posting it to the FB.

p.s.s. #OccupyVancouver is breaking my heart today. Last night the Fire Department moved in with VPD back up to put out a little barrel fire that an aboriginal contingent in the camp had set up for a sacred fire ceremony. Granted, they had no permit to light a fire. And yet the excuse seems patently spurious, a reason to provoke confrontation. The police claim that two officers were bitten. There’s a video on YouTube. Maybe it’s just the camera angle, but I don’t see the push back. I see VPD throwing people down using Muay Thai techniques, but no retaliation. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but I can’t see it on this video. Either way, Van City is obviously making their case to justify eviction.

Meanwhile, in Windsor, ON, the City Councilors are participating in the occupation. I like that way of dealing with #occupy way more. In Windsor, maybe, they’re listening to each other.

Yeah, a little heartbroken today. Breathe. "Soooooon..."

Update: A friend mentioned that the Mayor of Montreal, Gerald Tremblay was on CBC radio 1 tonight talking about Occupy Montreal. I can;t find the podcast yet, but my reliable source says he was basically unconditionally supportive of the peaceful occupy movement, saying that he and Montreal would help in any reasonable way. So, more kudos. Gregor Roberstson, you listening? Perhaps Montreal could offer you some pointers on developing a spinal structure...