Wednesday, March 30

how to get rid of a bad government

We're having an election here in Canada this spring.

I despise the Harper Government (as they like to be called, having divested themselves of the "Canadian Government" handle in a fit of hubris so large it boggles my mind) with a passion that borders on hatred. For the first time in my forty-four years, I am actually and truly ashamed to admit where I come from during political discussions. I think that Harper might be instant karma for all the nasty things Canadians said about Dubya.

When I vote, I'll be looking for the box that says "Anyone but Harper", but I know that this won't be an option, that I'll have to choose some other lame ass politician and/or one that has no hope of making it into the PMO office. The Bloc Quebecois is an option because if they were successful in seceding from the rest of the country I'd at least have someplace close to move to that wouldn't be where the Harper Government is.

Yes it's that bad.

Winona Linn aka sLight probably says it better though...