Thursday, March 24

for the record

When I started my manuscript I planned on using a pen name to publish it. My thinking was that, because I also wanted to write non-genre fiction and maybe memoir one day, and wanted my real name on those efforts, I should use a pen name for the genre fiction.

I was worried about having my name associated with one genre, and how that might make finding representation and a publisher for anything else difficult. I was thinking way too hard. I was also hedging bets. I can see that now.

I’ve been thinking a lot about concepts like platform, self-promotion, authenticity, and honesty lately. That old position just doesn’t make sense to me any more. Frankly, it seems disingenuous for me.

Not “to me”; “for me”. Pen names are obviously a time honored tradition. I just don’t think it’s one that fits with where I am or where I want to be one day. Besides, I found Iain [M] Banks, so there are pretty easy ways to get around that “making yourself easily identifiable to your readers” thing.

So, while I’m still going to abjure the pushy self-promotion vibe, I do want to take ownership.

When I started thinking out loud I had no clue what I was doing as a blogger. I started using quotes as an excuse to express my opinions instead of using quotes to inform the writing. I felt like using my name in the URL for Blogger was egotistical, so I used the (over-used – I admit it) title in the URL. Then I used the title of the blog to inform my Twitter handle, again feeling awkward about using my name.

I mean, who the fuck was I?

That’s changed. This isn’t (I don’t think, #pleasenopleaseno) about ego. It’s about that ownership concept. If I succeed, I’ll have to take responsibility for it. If I fail, that’s me too.

So yesterday I changed my Twitter handle to @m_d_lockhart. Underscores are apparently verboten and I was threatened with ostracization until I explained that some other guy took @mdlockhart and hasn’t ever tweeted. (Not once. Future representation, as you read this, please make a note that I’d like to fix that one day when I’m basking in the blessed waters of mid-list-ship.)

Today I changed my Blogger URL. It was impulsive, the decision, part of the rush of owning something I think. Of course, anyone with thinkingoutloud-thinkfree.blogspot in their bookmarks (what, it could happen…) will no longer find their way here.

Hence this post, which is really about very little other than to make sure that the few, the appreciated, the deeply cherished that subscribe or admit coming here get the memo that my web address has changed. For the record, you are currently visiting (or will be if you follow the link from your e-mail). I've also appropriately changed my Feedburner and NetworkedBlogs settings. 

I think we're good to go, but I'm probably wrong. If this causes anyone to have to readjust anything, sorry. Had to be done though, had to be done.

I’ll be hanging out here now. No plans to change the title, just so we’re clear. I feel (comfortably) stuck with that. It’s a good description for what I do here so long as we use “thinking” broadly and as a euphemism.