Friday, October 29

Poetry #2 - wine and mosquitoes

wine and mosquitoes

in and amidst the slow, stuttering detritus of falling apart
i think of you
of summer days spent waving away mosquitoes
bottles of Syrah mourned joyously and resting in peace
and laughing until our faces ached

or the ephemeral elation of coaxing dissimilar butterflies
from the whispering cocoons of world-weary hearts

this crumbling mind wanders in raving gusts
to you
stumbles palsy-drunk into miasmic fantasies
of my hand brushing burnt-offering stone dust from your cheek
your lips chasing confusion from my temple in green whispering drafts

and of a path through tangled leaves
to a finite patio overlooking pregnant vineyards
a small, rusting table, two chairs, two glasses
the syncopated harmonies of laughter
and a lilac sunset among mosquitoes

c mdlockhart 2008