Friday, October 22

Flash Fiction #1 - Is That It Then?

(It's my second week of creative Fridays. Eventually, I hope to try actually dipping my toes into the Flash Fiction Friday waters. For now I'll start slow and very short...)


"Is that it then?” He waited at the open door, hands at his sides, keys in hand.

“Yes, I think so. I think it is.”

She turned her head and looked out towards the sunset over the Pacific. Light flashed on the water, a glare catching just the right angle of the receding tide. She was blinded, blinking away sudden tears.

“I expected more.”

She wiped her cheek, turning back. “Really? Why would there be more? Isn’t that enough?”

“I suppose, but –“

“But what? It is what it is. That’s all that’s needed.”

“Fine, then.”


The breeze coming in off of the deck caught the door, as it often did, and slammed it shut behind him. She cringed. The sun was dipping quickly and she imagined the mythical hiss of it slouching into the water. A sad half-smile flickered over her face as she ran hand over swelling belly, sighing at the kick beneath her palm.

She surveyed the empty apartment searching for a thought, or a thread of a thought perhaps. His cap was on the sofa, forlorn. Beside the door, hanging on the hook, his jacket remained. Forgotten? Abandoned? She had no way of knowing. He would be cold without it.

Remembering, she whirled back in time to see the final glittering explosion of light as the sun disappeared. Blinded again, she reached for the table, found her phone. It rang in her hands.

His number. His picture. Him.

“Hey, I –” His voice, only less so, diminished by the distance.

“No, wait. I remembered something.”

“Me too.”

“You remembered too?”

“As soon as I drove away.”

She smiled, her eyes clearing as the room slowed.


“Of course, vanilla. And chocolate chips, right?”

“Yes.” She sighed. “Yes.”


(Don't be gentle. I'll take whatever you got.)

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