Monday, January 23

renewing acquaintances

Three months. That’s kind of a long time for an unannounced hiatus. Although the writing was on the wall even back in November.

Mic check. Mic check. Anyone still out there?

What can I say? I’ve been busy. Some of the busy-ness has been good, some not so much. Most of it remains, but I cleared a bit of time for you and me.

Mom gets me two days a week now. Rather, Mirm does. Mom isn’t much aware of the passage of time at all any more. Every time I visit is the first time in forever for her. For Mirm, it’s a chance to not cook, to get errands done, to have an evening mostly off. Mom’s on a waiting list now for a day program at a local long-tern facility, a chance for Mirm to have another day off. Mirm is a saint, no two ways about it.

I have a newish relationship too, about as old as my hiatus to be exact – that takes time. It’s a keeper relatioinship in every way, so that takes more time, time used to make sure it’s growing in healthy ways; time used to enjoy it. I’ll tell you more later. It’s so good that it’ll be hard not write about.

Something had to give though. I was spending two days a week at Mom’s, three days at my new job, two days at the casino, climbing two or three days a week, playing hockey three times, Aikido for two hours on Sundays, pretty much every spare minute spent with the new love, and cramming one afternoon of writing in per week… I was out of time, making myself sick with the busy-ness of it all. HOG, the mss, my baby, had been relegated to that one afternoon a week, and I was jealous of that time, so TOL fell way down on the priority list.

Please, don’t take it personally. I know, I was being selfish, but I can’t apologize.

Any way, like I said, something had to give. I chose the casino. I think that the newer PT job is enough now, that I’ll cover the nut with it and not need the casino. I think. Even if not, I don’t regret leaving. I regret not leaving sooner. I regret going back at all in some ways, even if I ascribe to not regret anything most of the time. But not leaving? Regret it? Not ever. The best thing about working in casinos is leaving. Seriously.

Last Saturday was my last shift there. That will translate into two dedicated days of writing a week, and should translate into at least one post a week. From a drug-induced coma to life support, perhaps, but it’s an upgrade.

All of which is to say… I’m back! Miss me? I missed you.

p.s In case you didn’t know, Judy Clement Wall evolved The Love Project into A Human Thing. A Human Thing provided a shiny new badge (see right side). You should go there right now.

p.p.s. I love Florence and the Machine… If you’ve rebelled against my order to go to Judy’s new site right away, a) good for you – rebellion is good for the soul, and b) feel free to enjoy this before you amble over there.