Tuesday, February 15

dead calm

Inspiration is a fickle bitch.

I wrote two pages of drivel about why I haven’t posted this last week and deleted it. You’re welcome.

Here’s the simple truth – I got nothin’ right now. The doldrums I mentioned last week? Still here, still with me. I’d rather leave dead air than fill it for the sake of filling it.

I could manufacture something about Egypt, but smarter people than me have said smarter things than I could, and more insightful people have already said the right stuff about what it’s really about. I’m fucking excited about it though – Tunisia and Egypt are the most amazing things to happen to democracy since the ‘60s. I hope desperately that neither regional groups, nor the military, nor the West, hijack or even try to hijack what is happening there.

I could do some extended navel-gazing like the crap I deleted, but it wouldn’t be as honest as it should be, has to be, for what I need to be gazing at. It would just be a post for the sake of posting. Other than once or twice, fairly early on when stuff like stats and a schedule were things I thought might be important, I’ve tried not to post for the sake of posting. That’s not fair to me or you. That’s not what this is about.

So I’ll just shut up now and keep my head down, nurse my (six week old and counting) cold, and try to figure my shit out. When it’s honest, I’ll post it.

Love ya. Thanks for your patience.