Friday, April 16

File under good examples...

The AP is reporting today that Tibetan Monks have walked to the earthquake zone in Gyegu in Yushu County, Qinghai province, China to assist rescue efforts by using their bodies in place of heavy equipment. Video shows them tying themselves in a chain to rubble to move it out of the way.

That's right, Tibetan monks - they whose country is occupied, people repressed, beliefs suppressed, rights utterly ignored - those Tibetans. They walked to help. A CBC Radio report quoted a monk as saying that politics were irrelevant. That "this is about life".

I can't think of a more poignant example of what to do. The circumstances only make it more so.

And in spite of the purity of the gesture, I can't help but wonder if the act will make any impact at all on the Chines government that has oppressed the Tibetan people and occupied their country for the last sixty years.